Why HelixJS?

You love Knockout and the MVVM (Model View ViewModel) pattern but want more opinionated structure to build scalable, maintainable single-page Web apps.

Using Knockout as a foundation, HelixJS offers an opinionated framework for building Web apps. Features include:

  • Application semantics - extensions to Knockout binding handlers allows Web app composition using components and injectable regions
  • Routing engine
  • ViewModel lifecycle
  • Application modules, IoC container and dependency injection
  • Extensible form validation framework
  • Templating engine extensions

Supported Browsers

  • IE8+ (It’s time to drop support for IE7 and lower)
  • Chrome (Latest)
  • Firefox (Latest)

Other browsers that match the feature sets of Chrome and Firefox are likely to work as well as the other browsers, they are just not yet fully tested and supported.